Laura Brown1

Laura Brown
Owner of PETSRME

PETSRME was established in 2001. While working  at a Veterinary hospital I realized that a large number of pets were afraid of new surroundings. They were stressed and didn’t fair well under a strange environment. 

These pets needed more one on one attention. Realizing that all pets are unique and it is not a “one size fits all” situation I made a decision to leave the field and began caring for pets in their own home.  Open communication with my clients is a key component to proper care. 

With over 30 years of actual hands on experience I am capable of providing  and  administering medications, injections and fluid therapy and have also hand fed sick and senior pets.  I am current on My Pet First Aid 4U/ CPR, safety and Health Course.  

PETSRME  is a Level 3 Fear Free Certified Professional – My goal is to provide a stress free environment for your pets while your away. 

PETSRME encourages all our clients to join the Fear Free Movement by registering with  There is a wealth of information to create a stress free environment. 

PETSRME is a non competitive company. I realize that I may not be the best fit for all pet owners and I do not make promises I can’t keep. By networking with other professional pet sitters I am  able to assist you in finding a pet sitter who best fits your needs.

The majority of  new clients come from referrals from local veterinary hospitals, current clients and other professional pet sitters. I truly value our referrals and the trust these individuals place in me to assist them with their own clients and pets.  I am involved in fundraising and collect donations throughout the year in order to help provide much need food and supplies for local rescue groups. 

I am  involved in  feeding and maintaining local Community Cat Colonies. Other groups I have helped are Lost Dog and Cat Foundation, Homeward Trails, and Animal Allies. 

I  take pride in my profession and on going continued education to stay on top of current trends, wellness, medical for all things cats and dogs.  I  believe being able to assist our clients in proper species specific nutrition, wellness and a stress free environment is key to happy and healthy pets.  I am happy to guide and provide resources for our clients to help them achieve these goals.