Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Services

Dog Walking Service – Alexandria, Springfield, Lorton 

This Service is offered Monday through Friday for clients who have dogs that need to be exercised while you are at work.  I provide a general 20 minute visit which includes a walk, fresh water and treats or a snack if permitted.

Puppies can be fed if necessary and medications given if needed for senior or sick pets.

If your dog does not like to walk, I am  happy to do a potty break in your yard and provide snuggle or play time in your home. 

Equipment that is not acceptable to use with Petsrme services include Prong collars, choke chains, retractable leashes or any type of E-Collar (vibrating or shock) 

I do not pack walk dogs unless the dogs are from the same household and all Dogs that are walked must be reasonably leashed trained. 

Be sure to check our Service Rates and Service Area page 

Vacation & Business Traveler Pet Sitting Service

I strive to keep your pet(s) on a similar schedule as you do for feeding and exercise within a 2 hour window (excludes diabetics) 

All pet sitting visits include the following:

  • Feeding
  • Medication administration – oral or injectable
  • Exercise and Enrichment 
  • Litter box scooping or change out
  • Mail, newspaper and package pick up
  • Curb side trash service
  • Plant watering within reason
  • Blinds & lights altered as needed
  • Home security perimeter observation inside & out
  • Activate security system

All vacation pet visits are untimed visits  – I believe that your pets are unique and  do what needs to be done to provide top notch care.  With this in mind please realize I DO NOT do pop in visits.  The average visit is 30  minutes.  I realize that some cats are shy but I have found with patience, calm demeanor and time, many cats do come around and enjoy the company.

REQUIRED MINIMUM CARE for Vacation / Business pet care clients

All households with dogs require 3 visits daily to ensure your pet is not left for long periods of time and has access to relieve themselves.

All cat only households require a minimum of one visit every 24 hours or once per calender day to ensure safety of pet and security of home, though many of our clients request 2 visits daily.  Visits on the day of departure and arrival can be adjusted based on your travel schedule.

All Pet Care for Dogs and Cats is done in YOUR Home

I do provide care for small birds, guinea pigs,  and small furry critters in sitters home if you would prefer. 

PETSMRE Does not Job Share This means that PETSRME is required to do all visits in the home, I can not allow neighbors, friends and family members to care for your pets at the same time that I am contracted for service due to liability TO PETSRME


WHAT SERVICES WILL WE NOT OFFER OR PROVIDE  – I will not provide service to Pets under the following conditions:

  • Living outside exclusively (excludes Feral Cats)
  • Kept in garages exclusively
  • Unsupervised access to outside (dog doors or invisible fencing)
  • Cats (indoor) who are free roaming while the owner is out of town

Why you ask ? In over 30 years that I have provided care to animals in so many capacities,  I have seen the potential down side of these situations, dogs escaping from yards, gates being left open by workman, poisoning, injury and even death to family pets.  All these things are a liability to my company and it is PETSRME’S goal to provide a safe environment to your pets in your absence.

Aggressive dogsWE WILL NOT PROVIDE SERVICES FOR DOGS WITH KNOWN BITING HISTORY – Its important that owners be very honest about their pets personalities and behavior for the protection of PETSRME .  All potential clients are required to have an in home consult to determine if your pet is safe to be around and also may require a few visits prior to your departure to determine how your pet will be in your absence.    In addition to injury biting dogs can and will cause a claim to be filed with your Home owners insurance.

 You can’t get this kind of comfort in a kennel!

Pet Sitting